Application allows:
- Local media from mobile phones and also online (videos, photos, audios) to be playable on chromecast.
- You can also play online channels (hls, dash, iframe, audio) on TV.
- It is possible to log into Instagram and read user's information, watch Posts, Stories, Lives, Search by Tag, Search by Link, Explore.
- It is also possible to find media on the internet (in application's browser) and play it on chromecast.



- Application needs Android 4.0.3 or higher.

- First download and install application on your android device.

- Now make sure that your device and chromecast are on same wifi connection.

- After running, first you should select current ip on your deivce. make sure that this ip is not vpn's ip. by tappping on ip, you can see other ips that your device has.

- Now you can find chromecasts on your wifi. if you find nothing, make sure that your vpn is off. just select a chromecast and tap on "Connect".

- You can see now what is going on your chromecast. to run nhcast, just tap on "Done".

- Now you are free to cast.

- For more you can check out the Videos on Youtube.


- To licence your application, just send a screenshot of your code to instagram @i.nhmak. We will send your licence code back.

Structure information

The application made in Visual Studio by C# and Xamarin android and other libraries like SharpCaster and InstaSharper.

It was first a Windows Application.



- Auto load and sync live-channels.

- Three methods for loading blocked streams added.

- Refrshing some links of live-channels on runtime.

- There are now more than 100 live-Channels on auto load.


- Browser to the application added.

- Improved instagram login


- Instagram's live added

- Rotate added